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You have a brilliant idea. It’s going to change the world. It’s disruptive, innovative and out of this world. You can’t wait to make your idea into a product and start selling to the world. You start searching and searching and searching. Day after day, week after week, you just cannot find the right company to make it happen. Time is ticking. You cannot afford to wait any longer. Someone somewhere might beat you to bringing this idea of yours to market.

Your search is finally over.  We are a one-stop shop for rapid prototyping and solutioning company. We can help you bring your idea to life.In fact, we have successfully helped many start-ups bring their ideas to concepts to prototypes and finally production.

We are extremely strong in providing solutions that require the integration of hardware, software and AI.

The process starts with an idea and develops into a concept solution. After that is design followed by prototyping.  Prototype is often used for proofofconcept, or poc, and sometimes is used to raise funds. When the prototype or poc works, and the details are finalised, small volume production is carried. The small volume production is useful for selling or giving to small number of users as part of the proofofvalue (POV) stage. At this stage, many start-ups continue to raise additional funds. After the successful POV stage, then medium volume production and finally large volume production happens.

The importance of these two milestones, proof of concept and proof of value, cannot be understated. They make or break many products, projects or companies.This is our speciality.

 The process can be summarised as such: Idea> Concept solution > Prototype or poc> Small volume production and real users (POV) > Production

Why choose us?

We make things happen. Many of our customers engage us because they could not find any other vendors to help them. We have been doing this successfully for many years. We have undertaken projects in many different industries such as automobile, aerospace, medical, hospitality and logistics industries.

We are extremely fast. While most such projects take around 4 months to complete, we have done it before in 2 months.

Finally, we are extremely affordable. We are often about one-third the cost of our competitors, sometimes as low as one-fifth the cost of our nearest competitor.

Don’t lose any more time. Contact us now!

Some current and past projects

  • Using robotic arms and AI vision to arrange luggage for airport
  • Using robotic arms and AI vision to change battery of drone
  • Medical pill dispensing device
  • Marketing robot
  • Leaf sweeping robot

You can visit prototype cost web page to check on the cost of some common work like 3D printing, laser cutting and PCB prototyping.


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