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Automatic carton unpacking and sealing machine

The unpacking machine is a special equipment that can automatically open the folded cardboard board, fold the bottom of the box according to a certain program, fold the lower bottom leaf, and then send it to the packing machine after sealing with tape. The machine adopts PLC + human-machine interface control, folding the bottom without staying, and automatically completes the folding and sealing of the bottom during transportation; at the same time, it completes the whole process of box suction, forming, folding and sealing. Easy operation, simple maintenance and stable performance.

The sealing machine is to automatically fold and level the four top covers erected on the carton and seal the box with tape automatically. When the sealing machine cooperates with the production line, it only needs to fold the four folded panels formed at the bottom of the carton and put them into the conveying track driven by the belts on both sides. The folding device of the carton on the upper side of the sealing machine starts and the folding and sealing of the box is completed at one time. When the size of the carton changes, the automatic machine positioning, top automatic folding, automatic timely delivery, no manual care, suitable for connecting to the automatic production line.

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