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Collaborative Robot

The collaborative robot is a 6 axis, 5 Kg payload, 924 mm reach lightweight industrial robotic arm made for human centric agile manufacturing. This collaborative robot is also known as a Cobot, it can work closely within a human workspace without safety equipment. It is user friendly, flexible, low cost and very easy to move, re-deploy and can be plugged into a regular 110 – 230 VAC wall-socket to run. No programming skills are needed to set up. The robotic arm can be programmed using hand guiding, and it can be set up in less than 30 minutes and start operations.

Factory Chain is based in Singapore and helps companies in countries in and around Singapore to customise and deploy collaborative robotic arm solutions. We will work with customers to understand the current operations, propose ways to use collaborative robotic arm, and design and build the robotic arms with end effectors. With the Cobot, there will be improvement in productivity, safety and quality.

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