Signage is the face of a company. Quality signage builds brand, attracts customers and increase sales. We offer high quality and beautiful signages at affordable prices.

“Why is a high technology company doing signage?” you might ask. Basically, we are automating the production of signages using robots and laser cutting machines. When you place order, we can automate the load of the material into the laser cutting machine using robotic arm, and then control the laser machine to cut out the letters or design. Thereafter, the robotic arm will unload the product.

With the increase in productivity, we can offer you better pricing and faster turnaround. We look forward to working with you.

Below are our prices for your reference.

3D acrylic letters

Size Price
Height: 300mm, Thickness: 10mm SGD 30
Height: 200mm, Thickness: 10mm SGD 20
Height: 100mm, Thickness: 5mm SGD 5

3D LED signage or backlit signage (10 letters)

Size Price
Height: 300mm, Thickness: 30mm SGD 900
Height: 200mm, Thickness: 30mm SGD 600
Height: 100mm, Thickness: 20mm SGD 300

Our signage services

Stainless Steel Drawing Signage

Stainless Steel Drawing  Backlit Signage

Stainless Steel Mirror Signage

Stainless Steel Mirror Backlit Signage

Titanium Drawing Signage

Titanium Drawing Backlit Signage

Titanium Mirror Signage

Titanium Mirror Backlit Signage

Copper antique Signage

Copper antique Backlit Signage

Rose Gold Drawing Signage

Resin Signage


 Professional Equipments